你好! i’m k but any name you call me is fine, no offensive ones. any prns, (they pref) sixteen #0918 bisexual poc seasian infp-t 1w2 virgo

links comms priv tumblr roblox discord mis novios

notes tw/s r*pe su*cide beastiality nyctophobia glossophobia cw/s vomit amphibians reptiles arachnids insects (close up) flashing lights


before interacting i reciprocate your energy (your attitude = my attitude) i am not and will not be the type of person to talk first unless we are like 🤞 i swear, make nsfw jokes, platonically flirt a lot, & dont use tone tags often (kindly lmk if uncomfy) do not vent unless serious. venting out of nowhere/consistently = block

do not interact if u are -13/24+ you fit basic dni crit u use fonts as aes/in convos u take almost everything to heart and are easily offended u fake illnesses + compare ur illnesses to others


love girls felines coding carrd making spicy food paranormal thriller music reading the8

shows bubble jujutsu kaisen two loves under one roof heartstopper alice in borderland aouad charlotte another business proposal and more

kpop svt ot13 the8, s.coups enhypen ot7 sunghoon, niki txt ot5 yeonjun bts ot7 kookmin superm ot7 BIBI kai taemin hyuna chungha jessi boA